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“I felt perhaps there were others who were more able to do this job, but I now step forward, to once again allow that an ordinary person with extraordinary support by their fellow Americans may use whatever gifts they have to work diligently as is humanly possible to improve our current conditions and to affirm what I know to be true – America is still the greatest country on Earth.”

- Susan Narvaiz, Candidate for US Congress, District 35

On the issues…

In keeping with the intent of our Founding Fathers, Susan believes that the Constitution of the United States is the best source and provides the greatest guidance to ensure America continues to be a nation blessed with freedom, security and the boundless possibilities to pursue happiness.

Sensible Spending Cuts -Just like many of us at home when there is less money we make adjustments.  We get back to basics and we prioritize what are the important necessities for our daily living.  Susan will work with all who are willing to make sensible spending cuts.

Fair Tax Policy - Susan – a taxpayer since taking her first job as a waitress in Killeen, Texas -believes it is a privilege to live in America and pay her fair share.  Susan believes all should pay some and would like to explore her ideas and your thoughts about tax reform.

Veteran’s PromiseIt is time to give all our Veterans the help and dignity they so richly deserve for sacrificing so much for all of us.

Job CreationWith over 23 years experience putting people to work as a small business owner  and as a job creator herself, Susan wants to remove the barriers that exist to encourage those in the private sector to get America back to work!

Immigration Reform – America is a country whose very roots and inherent strength comes from the very “melting pot” that molded us as a young nation.  Let’s Secure our Border, Remove the Magnets that make illegal entry attractive and require a true Pledge of Allegiance that demonstrates that immigration is not just a change of address but a change of heart.

Susan is for Limited Government, Individual Rights and Personal Responsibility and will work to form public policy that supports these ideals.

Susan is Pro-Life.

Susan seeks your support by being part of her Policy Dialogue Team.

If you have an area of expertise or an interest in one of the these policy areas please email us at [email protected] so that you may share your thoughts as Susan formulates policy solutions to take to Washington with her in January 2015!