March 5, 2014

Dear Family, Friends and Supporters:

Thank you to each and every voter who participated in the March 4, 2014 Primary Election and cast your ballot for me.  We were unopposed in this primary but your votes yesterday honored me with being the 2014 Republican Nominee for U.S. Congress in Texas District 35.

Now we begin our campaign with our eyes set on the November 4, 2014 General Election.  Now we step forward to begin the necessary work to win the hearts and minds of the people of District 35.

Some of you may be asking – Why now? What is different? How can we do this? Many more of you will begin asking – How can I help? What can we do to support SUSAN?

Let me start with my answer and it is simple and the same – For Love of Country.  The same love of country that my Dad had as he took his oath to defend our freedom and served in the Air Force and then Civil Service for over 40 years.  The same oath that my brother, my sons and I am certain our grandchildren will commit to do ~ To Preserve, To Protect and To Defend the Constitution of the United States of America ~.

The love that I have for our country is so great that I feel called to do all that I can now – at a time that our nation needs each of us so much; to stand with her and by her during these tumultuous times, to right the ship known as America.

These are challenging times.  This is a challenging race. But with my commitment to our shared values – Faith, Family, Freedom and Free Enterprise – these cornerstones will serve to unite us in securing a better future for our children and grandchildren.  You can help by asking yourself what you can do to support me and then acting on it.

So, I rise again planting my feet solidly in the arena of public service because someone must and I am ready.  Rise with me!

Susan Narvaiz, Candidate for U.S. Congress District 35